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We Provide Hope

The Benevolent Care Fund 

The Benevolent Care Fund helps our community members who have been good financial stewards but have outlived their resources and can no longer afford the services or care they need. Through benevolent care, our supporters provide hope and assistance to our residents. Benevolent care is a grace that extends from the roots of our mission.

The very first seeds of the Benevolent Care Fund were planted by our founders with a single purpose: to care for people. Now, more than 134 years later, Covenant Living continues to provide a future filled with friendship, purpose, and security. 

We spend a lifetime saving, investing and living within our means in planning for a secure future. Then, the unexpected happens. A health, family or financial crisis; the death of a spouse; even an unexpectedly long life can change all of that – no one expects to outlive their finances. 

The Benevolent Care Fund is a secure, yet discreet, lifeline that supports your neighbors experiencing a financial crisis. The Fund supports the financial well-being and dignity of residents in our communities.

To learn more about supporting our communities please call

(773) 878-2294 or click here to fill out our contact form. 

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