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Why Give

Transforming Lives

The opportunity to create open bonds with others is what builds lasting relationships and gives us a deeper sense of belonging. Communities are rich in resources – skills, experiences, and finances. Your strength may be someone else’s weakness and vice versa. Through your support of the Benevolent Care Fund, you are strengthening the power of Living with Promise in your community by providing joy and peace of mind for residents and their families who have or will depend on the Benevolent Care Fund.  

Life Changers

Covenant Living of Golden Valley, Barb J. 

“I have no plans or intentions of needing to use the Benevolent Care Fund! But…I suspect that most of the current or past recipients hoped not to need it either. The good news is when they needed it, the Fund was there to help. I am able to help by donating those funds that are needed now because we never know the future – it might be me who needs them. Benevolence is a part of my estate planning, and I give as often as possible to fundraising efforts, or through gifts in memory of friends living here who have moved on. The Benevolent Fund is a valued recipient of our charitable giving.”

Covenant Living of Cromwell, Carolyn L. 

“In the winter of 2011, my husband and I visited Covenant Living of Cromwell. We fell in love with what would become our new home. We were impressed with the extreme friendliness of the residents and staff whom we met. We were also amazed that there is a Benevolent Care Fund which supports those who can no longer afford to finance their life here because of a legitimate lack of funds. We could imagine living into our nineties on a fixed income and facing increased costs over the years, so it was a comforting thought to know there was a way to remain here if we faced challenges. In addition to my periodic giving each year, I am committing a portion of my IRA account to be left to my community at the end of my life. It gives me great pleasure to know that I can help someone continue to live at Covenant Living of Cromwell, who, without the possibility of such funds, would not have the security of remaining at this beloved community.”

Covenant Living at Mount Miguel, Fred and Julie M.

“Neighbors helping neighbors is an important part of living in a community with compassion and grace. Providing benevolent care for those who need it has been a part of the fabric of the Covenant Living experience since our inception. We are proud to support Benevolent Care so our neighbors can continue living with us in harmony and financial peace of mind.”

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